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Panel Beating
Below are a few more areas of speciality regarding Makhadabi Panelbeaters:-
Full accident repair centre services include:

  * Restoration work carried out 
  * Customized paintwork specialist
  * Bumper repairs
  * Scuffs, scrapes or dents
  * Insurance work carried out
  * Collection and drop off service available
Chassis Straightening
We use state of the art chassis straightening technology to pull your chassis right to manufacturers specifications. Professional workmanship guarantees your vehicle is safely back on the road.
Makhadabi Panelbeaters chassis straightening equipment comprises Auto Rokol chassis system, approved by major vehicle manufacturers, floor anchoring machines used mainly to execute minor repairs.
Makhadabi Panelbeaters can do a wide range of chassis repairs, so call us to ask about our services.

Insurance Work
Makhadabi Panelbeaters can repair your vehicle for all major insurance companies and partners.

Private Work
Makhadabi Panelbeaters can give you a competitive quote for any private work, from small scrapes, flakey paint, cut & polishes, and small rust repairs.
We can offer you a high quality repair job at a realistic price!
First call us or email us some photos if you need an idea of cost.

Makhadabi Panelbeaters has a modern spray booth where all spray painting is done under the best of conditions.
We are proud of the factory-finish we can produce on any car!

Accident information
If you have an accident, make sure you get the other party’s details, and determine who is at fault.
Contact your insurance company immediately, and get your vehicle towed to us.
If you are lucky, we may have a car for you to borrow to keep you on the road. while we process your claim.